Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maternity: Ann Andres

It was such a pleasure styling for a friend. Sharing with you the soulful and beautiful maternity shoot of Ann.



much love

ENGAGEMENT: Arvin & Rosalyn

My team had such a wonderful time doing this engagement shoot for a couple who is so easy to work with! Arvin and Rosalyn's wedding theme, conceptualized by La Belle Fete Events was - Falling Dusk. This inspired the color scheme of the deep tones of blues and purples in their outfits and the lay out that featured luminaries with a playful twist on chandeliers. The couple mentioned that they have a love for eating out so the other layouts also stemmed from there. We have opted to show an opulent luncheon with a tablescape for two, with fresh blooms in shades of pinks and greens that still allowed the couple to stand out. The 2nd, was a twist on a classic picnic scene wherein instead of the usual rustic elements we opted to insert elegant pieces instead. All in all, it was a great day. Best part was knowing that our clients were happy! We are extremely grateful to have been part of this milestone! Cannot wait to see your wedding 💕

Floral Ball Skirt and White Lace Blouse from Fanciful 

Wardrobe and Set Design Styling by Donna Lim of Joie de Vivre
Associate Stylist: Mara Nilo

Nicolas Photography

Make -Up: Ria Aquino
Hair Styling: Kierlo

A La Belle Fete Event

much love