Saturday, November 28, 2015

1st Birthday | Maria Isabel

My niece, Isabel's 1st Birthday pictorial is so dear to our hearts. Her theme, Marie Antoinette, was borne out of her mommy's love of creating wonderful cakes and confections together with her love of French style and old world feel. It was a work in progress spanning from the time we found out my sister was having a girl till the day before the shoot! We made sure this pictorial is fit for the princess that she is!!!

We set to work creating the perfect set and wardrobe for her! We teamed up with Joe San Antonio for her gowns and her brother Rafa's costume, Flourish and Frills duo (Me and Mara ) for her set styling and her mommy, for all the cakes and wonderful treats! These were all captured by Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings. Hope you all love it as much as we do! This shoot is teeming with very details filled with love. Please do check it all out =)

Joie de Vivre Wardrobe Styling  x  Flourish and Frills Set Design

Shot by: Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings

Isabel's Gowns and Rafa's Prince Costume by: Joe San Antonio

much love

1st Birthday | LUCCA

Let's all take a moment to gush over these photos of Lucca, beautifully captured by Shutterpanda Photography. Something so simplistic and clean turned out so splendidly! We collaborated closely with Lucca's mommy, my friend Mika in order to perfect the aesthetics she was looking for. Aptly thought out to fit their house decor, we stuck to simple rustic elements and neutral tones and focused on Lucca's endearing smiles and grins. 


Joie de Vivre Wardrobe Styling  x   Flourish and Frills Set Design

Shot By: Shutterpanda 

For A La Belle Fete Event

much love

Monday, November 16, 2015

1st Birthday: Lauren

It was a "Flamingle in the Tropicana" type of day as Lauren's 1st Birthday pictorial transports us into the tropics getting us all excited for the holidays!We cannot help but gush over the hints of golds with the dash of greens to complement the flushes of pinks in this shoot! To top it all off, that adorable smile on Lauren's face!!!

Wardrobe and Set Styling
Joie de Vivre x Flourish and Frills

Nicolas Photography

La Belle Fete Wedding & Events

much love